Charlie Savage wrote:
> Hi Magnus,
>> Yeah, this is a known problem, and it's fixed for 8.3. Really, the msvc
>> build process in 8.2 has a *lot* of rough edges ;-) The code itself builds
>> fine, but the buildsystem needed a lot more work.
> Great - figured that might be the case.
>>> 3.  If you have a contrib module that is not known to the build system 
>>> it blows up.  For example, I use PostGIS.  When running build.bat it 
>>> stops at postgis (sorry, I didn't write down the error message but can 
>>> easily get it if needed).  Could unknown contrib modules just be skipped 
>>> instead?
>> Uh, can you explain more what you mean? How can the pg build be affected by
>> postgis?
> Download postgis source and put it under contrib/postis. Then:
> C:\Development\msys\src\postgresql-8.2.4\src\tools\msvc>perl
> Could not determine contrib module type for postgis-1.2.1
>  at line 326
>         main::AddContrib('postgis-1.2.1') called at line 200
> There is a loop in that processes the contrib modules:
> my $D;
> opendir($D, 'contrib') || croak "Could not opendir on contrib!\n";
> while (my $d = readdir($D)) {
>     next if ($d =~ /^\./);
>     next unless (-f "contrib/$d/Makefile");
>     next if (grep {/^$d$/} @contrib_excludes);
>     AddContrib($d);
> }
> closedir($D);
> Perhaps I shouldn't be installing the postgis source to contrib, but
> that used to be the recommended practice (at least for PostGis).

Oh, didn't realise you'd stick it in the actual contrib tree. I thought
it would build with pgxs or something.

I'll put it on my TODO to change that code to look at the Makefile
instead of the directories. Unless you want to send in a patch :-P


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