Ühel kenal päeval, R, 2007-09-07 kell 16:41, kirjutas apoc9009:
> Filip Rembiałkowski schrieb:
> > please take following remarks:
> thx, but if i need some advice form a scandinavian dickhead then i will 
> let you know this

Is this "apoc9009" guy real ?

For some time I honestly believed (based in part on the english-like
language used in postings) that he just cant understand what is written
in our documentation. 

My other suspicion was that he has never actually tried to do what he
claims, but has just click-checked some checkboxes on some third-party
backup software and is actually lamenting about the lack of box labeled
"Absolutely Reliable PostgreSQL backup".

But now i suspect that someone is just pulling our collective leg and
just trolling under false name to test how long we stand it ?


P.S.: any ideas, whom he suspect think to be "scandinavian" in this
thread ? or is "advice form a scandinavian dickhead" an idiom in some
language ? 

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