<my ramblings snipped>

>If someone writes the rest of the code, I doubt the syntax will be the 
>holdup.  But writing an efficient C-store table mechanism is much harder 
>than I think you think it is; Vertica worked on it for a year and failed, 
>and Paraccel took two years to succeed.   FYI, Paraccel is based on 

>So, put up a pgfoundry project and start hacking a c-store table; I'm sure 
>you;ll get interest if you can make something work.


Well, I did say it was a *crazy* idea. :-)

Given that I would be starting from the ground-floor, learning not only
the innards of PostgreSQL but also C coding as well, I would probably
have to overcome near-insurmountable odds to make this project take off.  Still,
if I was crazy enough to think it, maybe I'll be crazy enough to 
try for it. ;-)

Just ignore my 2nd posting, I was trying to clarify some of the 
ramblings I was typing.

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