I wrote:
> Whether the code is actually safe or not, these [warnings] are not acceptable.

On looking closer, it seems the intent is to pass an argument of
unspecified type through parse_tsquery to a PushFunction:

typedef void (*PushFunction)(void *opaque, TSQueryParserState state, char *, 
int, int2);

extern TSQuery parse_tsquery(char *buf,
                          PushFunction pushval,
                          void *opaque, bool isplain);

That's fine, but not in a way that throws compiler warnings.  There is a
standard solution for this task within PG: the arguments should be
declared as Datum not void*.  Use the DatumGetFoo/FooGetDatum macros to
coerce back and forth.

Also, the declaration of typedef PushFunction really ought to provide
names for all the arguments, for documentation purposes.  (Dare I
suggest a comment block specifying the API?)

                        regards, tom lane

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