Ühel kenal päeval, L, 2007-09-08 kell 10:39, kirjutas apoc9009:
> Joshua D. Drake schrieb:
> >
> > This is not acceptable on our lists. Do not post in such a way again.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Joshua D. Drake
> Hi Josh,
> Your're right, but this special Guy has just boring me a lot with 
> Replication Things but
> my [Featurerequest] on the Topic was dedicated to "Streaming 
> Onlinebackup" and this is not
> just the same as a simply Replication.
> Sometimes i think, its an Scandinavian Tradition, boring and talking 
> without link to the Topic
> and giving primitive, useless advices like: "look in google.com OR use: 
> "www.postgresql.org search Button"
> tadt doesnt match with the Subject of Discussion.

While his second advice:

2) read what other people write to you and try to understand that.

may look like something "primitive" in general, I think it was to the
point in this case.

Try thinking of it some more, and you may eventually zen it, recognizing

A. you can easily roll your own "Streaming Onlinebackup" in any
scripting language and with exactly the ftp directory structure using
the info provided, and without needing any more skills than making
queries to database and reading a portion of file from position N to
position M.

B. it probably won't take more than an hour to set up including testing.

C. 'backup _is_ replication' is also true 


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