On Sat, 8 Sep 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

It might be interesting to consider making the delay auto-tune: if you
wake up and find nothing (much) to do, sleep longer the next time,
conversely shorten the delay when work picks up.  Something for 8.4,
though, at this point.

I have a couple of pages of notes on how to tune the delay automatically. The tricky part are applications that go from 0 to full speed with little warning; the first few seconds of the stock market open come to mind. What I was working toward was considering what you set the delay to as a steady-state value, and then the delay cranks downward as activity levels go up. As activity dies off, it slowly returns to the default again.

But I realized that I needed to get all this other stuff working, all the statistics counters exposed usefully, and then collect a lot more data before I could implement that plan. Definately something that might fit into 8.4, completely impossible for 8.3.

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