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I made it reject all but latin letters, which is the same restriction
that's in place for timezone set filenames.  That might be overly
strong, but we definitely have to forbid "." and "/" (and "\" on
Windows).  Do we want to restrict it to letters, digits, underscore?
Or does it need to be weaker than that?

What's the problem with "."?


Possibly we could allow '.' as long as we forbade /, but the other
trouble with allowing . is that it encourages people to try to specify
the filetype suffix (as indeed Oleg was doing).  I'd prefer to keep the
suffixes out of the SQL object definitions, with an eye to possibly
someday migrating all the configuration data inside the database.
There's a reasonable argument for restricting the names used for these
things in the SQL definitions to be valid SQL identifiers, so that that
will work nicely...

So, what's the current policy ? Still a-z, A-Z ? I think we should allow
'.' and prevent '/'. Look, how ugly is our current ispell setup, which
depends on 3 files - stop word list, .dict and .aff.

Right now, I can use something like

                TEMPLATE = ispell,
                DictFile = englishDict,
                AffFile =  englishAff,
                StopWords = english

I'd better use english.dict, english.aff, english.stop, whih is usual for
any user, without dictating user here. We already did a lot of restrictions.

I hope we won't require special extension like .dict, .aff, since it's
unknown in advance what files will use other dictionaries.
If we allow '.' without '/', then we'd be happy.
I'd remove requirement for extension of stop words list, which looks
rather artificially to me.

Oh, my god, I see we dictate extensions !

                TEMPLATE = ispell,
                DictFile = englishDict,
                AffFile =  englishAff,
                StopWords = englishStop
ERROR:  could not open dictionary file 
"/usr/local/pgsql-dev/share/tsearch_data/englishdict.dict": No such file or 

Folk, this is too much ! Now, we dictate extensions '.dict, .affix, .stop',
what else ?

Does it defined by ispell template only, or it's global requirements ?

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