"Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> We've had that hack in there for almost a month now, and no strange
> behaviors have turned up in the buildfarm.  So I'm inclined to think
> it has served its purpose, and we should revert it before anyone else
> comes to bogus conclusions about performance.  This is particularly
> the case since Andrew has worked up a pg_regress enhancement that would
> let specific buildfarm animals still test the "off" setting if they
> chose.

I thought the idea was more to have people playing the home game to test it
out. They're much more likely to do something unexpected than the build farm.
Especially when it comes to vacuum and vacuum full and cluster and so on given
that autovacuum barely has a chance to start looking at things before the
regression tests are done.

  Gregory Stark
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