Zdenek Kotala wrote:
Marko Kreen wrote:
On 9/11/07, Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Marko Kreen wrote:
This is crashing because of the crippled OpenSSL on some version
of Solaris.  Zdenek Kotala posted a workaround for that, I am
cleaning it but have not found the time to finalize it.

I'll try to post v03 of Zdenek's patch ASAP.

However, I guess there still will be a problem with regression tests,
because pg_crypto will reports error in case when user tries to use
stronger cipher, but it generates diff between expected and real output.

I don't know if is possible select different output based on test if
strong crypto is installed or not. Maybe some magic in
Makefile/Configure. Test should be:

# ldd /usr/postgres/8.2/lib/pgcrypto.so  | grep libcrypto_extra
#   libcrypto_extra.so.0.9.8 =>      (file not found)

if output contains (file not found) library is not installed or not in
path (/usr/sfw/lib).

Failing regression tests are fine - it is good if user can
easily see that the os is broken.

But if build machine still complain about problem we can easily overlook another problems. There are two possible solution 1) modify reg test or 2) recommend to install crypto package on all affected build machine.

Anyway I plan to add some mention into solaris FAQ when we will have final patch. I also think It should be good to mention in pg_crypto README or add comment into regression test expected output file which will be visible in regression.diff.

well in my opinion we should simply fail regression(not crash like we do now) in case we have to deal with such a crippled openssl installation. Adding information about that issue to the Solaris FAQ seems also like a good thing.


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