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> Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Peter usually does it --- in theory any committer could, but he actually
>>> knows what to do and the rest of us would have to study ;-)
>> Study or figure it out? If it hasn't already been it should be 
>> documented as part of the release process.
> * Translation updates
>       Translations are kept in the project "pgtranslation" on PgFoundry.
>       1. Check out the messages module (of the right branch).
>       2. Check out the admin module.
>       3. Run "sh .../admin/cp-po .../messages .../pgsql
>       4. Commit.
> but it's not real clear (to me) which is "the right branch"

They are named the same way PostgreSQL named its branches. For example
REL8_2 for PostgreSQL 8.2.

They are available here :

> and what the ...s signify.

.../admin/cp-po : ... is the path to the cp-po shell script you get when
you did step 2 ("Check out the admin module").

.../messages : ... is the path to the messages branch you get when you
did step 1 (Check out the messages module...)

.../pgsql : ... is the path to your source dir (same branch as messages)

> It's not a big knowledge gap but I have other things
> to worry about ...

It seems pretty straightforward now. Perhaps it can be used with cron.



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