> I'll note that we currently prevent adding RETURNING to a *conditional* DO
> INSTEAD rule.  This means that if we have a conditional DO INSTEAD rule
> which inserts into a different table than the final unconditional rule,
> we'll be RETURNING wrong or empty values.  Mind you, that's a pretty
> extreme corner case.

FYI, after some tinkering around, I've found that RETURNING is 100% 
incompatible with any table which has conditional DO INSTEAD rules; there's 
just no way to make it work and return any intelligible data.  This would be 
a completely corner case, except that people use conditional DO INSTEAD rules 
heavily with partitioning (and yes, real users are complaining).

I don't see this as super-urgent to fix for 8.3, but can we put it up as a 

-- Make it possible to use RETURNING together with conditional DO INSTEAD 
rules, such as for partitioning setups.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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