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Greg Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Tom Lane wrote:
> > I find it entirely likely that simply changing the [NUM_CLOG_BUFFERS] 
> > constant would be a net loss on many workloads.
> Would it be reasonable to consider changing it to a compile-time option 
> before the 8.3 beta?  From how you describe the potential downsides, it 
> sounds to me like something that specific distributors might want to 
> adjust based on their target customer workloads and server scale.  That 
> would make it available as a tunable to those aiming at larger systems 
> with enough CPU/memory throughput that the additional overhead of more 
> linear searches is trumped by the reduced potential for locking 
> contention, as appears to be the case in Sun's situation here.
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