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Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Chuck McDevitt wrote:
> > PostgreSQL already has a huge amount of
> > "non-standard" syntax and semantics (perhaps "extensions" is a better
> > word?).
> > Everything from non-standard cast operator, non-standard substr,
> > non-standard trim, non standard group by semantics (allowing simple ints
> > to mean column number)... Given a day, we could probably write down
> > several pages of "non-standard" features of PGSQL. 
> >
> >
> >   
> Quite so, and I've perpetrated a few myself. But for the most part they 
> are either there for legacy reasons or add significant extra functionality.
> I rather like Alvaro's compromise suggestion re aliases in fact. At 
> least there seems to be a better case for that than for "group by 'blurfl'".
> But the argument that convinces me is not that it follows some de facto 
> standard, but that it would add to clarity. Requiring an alias where it 
> isn't used seems to me a piece of less than excellent design.
> cheers
> andrew
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