Bruce Momjian wrote:
I have updated the patches queue to show all open items:

I am looking for guidance on applying patches or keeping items for 8.4.
I will keep this URL updated from now until we release 8.3.

re fix for MSVC builds when Cygwin is in the environment, it's on my TODO list, and I hope to get to it shortly. It's not that critical since the user can always take Cygwin out of their build environment if they have to.

re replacements for MSVC build scripts, I am waiting for Magnus to comment

re encoding fixes, I am waiting for feedback re chr()/ascii() fixes, and will start work shortly on convert() changes.

Just a note: I don't find the mail archive approach to these lists optimal. A list on a wiki page with links from individual discussions, rather like the one Stefan did earlier at , makes things a lot clearer, IMNSHO. In particular, it's nice to be able to see at a glance who is on the hook for what.



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