Is there a way to have access to PostgreSQL query plan and/or predicates
inside a function using spi (or any other way)?
For example:

explain select * from my_func() as (code int, name varchar) where name like
                          QUERY PLAN
 Function Scan on my_func  (cost=0.00..15.00 rows=5 width=36)
   Filter: ((name)::text ~~ 'a%'::text)

I would like to know, inside the my_func function that PostgreSQL will
filter the function's returned result on the name column
with a like operator matching 'a%'. Since inside the my_func function I do
another database query, I could "pre-filter" this
query and reduce the amount of records returned.

If the whole plan cannot be exposed to spi, can only the part involved on
filtering/manipulating the records returned from
 the function call?

Is the query plan saved in memory at a place where a spi function can have


Cristiano Duarte.

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