Tom Lane wrote:
> * We also need to think harder about when to invoke the page pruning
> code.  As the patch stands, if you set a breakpoint at
> heap_page_prune_opt it'll seem to be hit constantly (eg, once for every
> system catalog probe), which seems uselessly often.  And yet it also
> seems not often enough, because one thing I found out real fast is that
> the "prune if free space < 1.2 average tuple size" heuristic fails badly
> when you look at queries that execute multiple updates within the same
> heap page.  We only prune when we first pin a particular target page,
> and so the additional updates don't afford another chance to see if it's
> time to prune.
> I'd like to see if we can arrange to only do pruning when reading a page
> that is known to be an update target (ie, never during plain SELECTs);
> I suspect this would be relatively easy with some executor and perhaps
> planner changes.  But that only fixes the first half of the gripe above;
> I'm not at all sure what to do about the multiple-updates-per-page
> issue.

If we only prune on an update (or insert) why not just do prune every
time?  I figure the prune/defrag has to be lighter than the
update/insert itself.

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