This has a trivial workaround - just set PGHOST for pg_ctl:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] inst.codfix.5705]$ PGHOST=/home/andrew/pgl/inst.codfix.5705 bin/pg_ctl -D data/ -l logfile -w start
waiting for server to start.... done
server started
[EMAIL PROTECTED] inst.codfix.5705]$



Radoslaw Zielinski wrote:

"pg_ctl -w -D ... start" doesn't work when unix_socket_directory is set
to somewhere else than the compiled in default ("/tmp").  Having this is
useful for the startup scripts, so the status "DONE" actually means
success, instead of "maybe".

Jeff Davis wrote about it a while ago:

Simple hacky patch for v8.2.5; maybe someone finds it useful before
the proper config parser is integrated:

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