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Odd... I'd expect it to actually be beneficial to run analyze on a table at roughly the same time as PK building, because you'd make better use
of cache.

Sure if your database fits entirely in RAM (otherwise if two big
tables are analyzed while we create the primary key for a third one,

You missed my point... what we'd want to happen is for the analyze to take place while that table had a good chance of still being in memory.

it won't help us at all). And even in this case, it's not sure the
time lost by waiting the lock is worth it. It could for sure if the
restore could create the other primary keys while waiting for the lock
on the analyzed tables, which is obviously not the case.
In my particular case, the restore stales a lot of times with status
ALTER TABLE waiting.

It might be worth looking into creating a different lock for ALTERs that actually change database page layout vs ALTERs that don't, since there's no reason you couldn't run ANALYZE while adding a PK (for example).
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