On 9/21/07, Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hm, it does seem I missed like.c when I converted all the text operators to
> avoid detoasting packed varlenas. I'll send a patch in a few minutes to do
> that. I'm surprised it would have such a large effect though.

The patch doesn't seem to apply cleanly on head (I have a problem with
oracle_compat.c). I tested it though with latin1 encoding.

The LIKE case is better:
cityvox_latin1=# SELECT e.numeve FROM evenement e WHERE e.libgeseve
LIKE '%hocus pocus%';
(0 rows)

Time: 98.995 ms

-> it seems to be as fast as 8.2 was, now.

The ILIKE case seems to go into an infinite loop: postmaster takes
100% of CPU and the query never finishes.


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