I confess I have never used cvs edit.

Maybe it comes into the realm of "don't do that".

To answer Magnus' question elsewhere, you can't make File::Copy::copy() do it automatically, nor Win32::CopyFile(). We would need a wrapper that explicitly unlinked the target before copying. That's certainly doable, but seems like large surgery for a small problem. I agree that we don't want to be doing a blank call to attrib as suggested - for one thing, there might very easily be a datadir inside the target (I do this habitually, and the buildfarm also puts its datadir right alongside bin, lib and friends, although it wouldn't be bitten by this), and we surely don't want to be monkeying with datadir permissions.



Chuck McDevitt wrote:
Well, I was checking out from a different cvs server, and had things set
to use CVS EDIT, where everything is read-only by default, until you
issue a cvs edit command.
So many files that aren't built by the build system, but just get copied
as-is, end up read-only.

But it would be true for any files set read-only.

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Chuck McDevitt wrote:
I was trying out the msvc support, and ran into a minor problem in

If any files that are going to be installed are marked read-only,
carry the read-only attribute with them when they get copied to the
install dir.

Then, if you try to run install again, the new attempt will fail
because it can't overwrite the read-only file.

I added this like to install.bat (just before the call to
to fix this for me:

attrib /S -r %1\*

Which files are read-only?



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