Magnus Hagander wrote:
Can you check if your manually linked version works in non-US locales? If
you can't check, can you email me (offlist) with the binary (and the DLLs)
and I can run a test here. If they *have* fixed the issue so it works in
non-US locales, it's certainly worth expending some time making it work...

Many of us would like to see libedit ported to Windows too ;-)

Meanwhile, as I observed to Magnus the other day, while the Cygwin server has issues that make it unsuitable for production use, the Cygwin psql client is still probably the best one for working on Windows. I know people who install Cygwin just so they can use its psql. (And yes, I'll repeat Magnus' caveat: don't ever put Cygwin in your Windows path).



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