I looked for another thread-unsafe usage of variables like prep_stmts,
and I found the 4 possibly-unsafe ones:

  [1] all_descriptors in ecpg/ecpglib/descriptor.c:
      Management of descriptors used by SQL DESCRIPTOR is not safe.

  [2] auto_allocs in ecpg/ecpglib/memory.c:
      All memory allocation for statements are not safe.

  [3] nextStmtID in ecpg/ecpglib/prepare.c:
      Increment is not safe in ECPGauto_prepare().

  [4] stmtCacheEntries in ecpg/ecpglib/prepare.c:
      Reading/writing are not safe in ECPGauto_prepare().

I'm not convinced that all of the above are completely dangerous,
but [2] might affect all of users writing multi-threaded ecpg programs...
Are there any bugs we should fix?

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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