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Neil Conway wrote:
> To review, Pavel Stehule submitted a proposal and patch to add support
> for "table functions" a few months back:
> Pavel proposed two basically independent features:
> (1) RETURN TABLE syntax sugar for PL/PgSQL
> This allows you to return the result of evaluating a SELECT query as the
> result of a SETOF pl/pgsql function. I don't like the RETURN TABLE
> syntax, because TABLE (...) is defined as part of SQL (6.39 in SQL:2003,
> as one of the variants of <multiset value constructor>). If we're going
> to implement TABLE (...), the right place to do that is in the Postgres
> backend proper (presumably as part of a larger effort to implement
> multisets). Therefore I'd like to rename the PL/PgSQL syntax sugar to
> RETURN QUERY (I'm open to other suggestions for the name).
> Another question is whether it is sensible to allow RETURN QUERY and
> RETURN NEXT to be combined in a single function. That is, whether RETURN
> QUERY should be more like RETURN (and return from the function
> immediately), or more like RETURN NEXT (just append a result set to the
> SRF's tuplestore and continue evaluating the function). I think making
> it behave more like RETURN NEXT would be more flexible, but perhaps it
> would be confusing for users to see a "RETURN QUERY" statement that does
> not in fact return control to the caller of the function... (Is RETURN
> NEXT QUERY too ugly a name?)
> (2) RETURNS TABLE (...) syntax sugar for CREATE FUNCTION
> This lets you write "CREATE FUNCTION ... RETURNS TABLE (x int, y int)"
> as essentially syntax sugar for OUT parameters. The syntax is specified
> by SQL:2003, so I think this feature is worth implementing.
> When Pavel proposed this, the sticking point is whether RETURNS TABLE
> (...) is truly just syntax sugar for OUT parameters, or whether it
> should behave differently with regard to variables with the same name in
> the function body:[1]
> $$
>   RETURN QUERY (SELECT cust_id FROM tab WHERE some = arg);
> END; $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;
> would cause a name collision if RETURNS TABLE were treated as syntax
> sugar for OUT parameters. Pavel's patch fixes this by introducing a new
> proargmode for RETURNS TABLE parameters. Tom objected to this on the
> grounds that it could break user code that examines pg_proc.proargmode,
> but I'm inclined to think that it is worth the trouble to avoid what
> could be a common source of confusion.
> Comments welcome; I'll submit revised patches for these features
> shortly.
> -Neil
> [1] example stolen shamelessly from a prior mail from Pavel
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