Even though many of the list members of [EMAIL PROTECTED]
suggest that the following is an expected behaviour, my experience in
other databases doesn't permit me accept it as such.  I am putting this
for the kind consideration of this list


Description :   I have two tables with the same data , While I issue an
update command to increment the value of a unique field by 1, the
statement fails in one table and will succeed in the other table.
Following is the script to reproduce the behaviour.


CREATE TABLE master1 ( m1 INT primary key , m2 INT unique ) ; 

INSERT  INTO master1 VALUES  ( 1, 1 ) ;

INSERT  INTO master1 VALUES  ( 2, 2) ;

UPDATE  master1 SET m2 = m2 + 1;


ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "master1_m2_key"

SQL state: 23505


CREATE TABLE master2 ( m1 INT primary key , m2 INT unique ) ; 

INSERT  INTO master2 VALUES  ( 2, 2 ) ;

INSERT  INTO master2 VALUES  ( 1, 1) ;

UPDATE  master2 SET m2 = m2 + 1;


Am I right in requesting to this forum to make this update a success in
either case.


Anoo S

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