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Tatsuo Ishii <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Sorry for replying to very old message. But... it seems this was not
backported to 8.1 or earlier.

Since it involved a change in the FSM API, it didn't seem reasonable
to back-patch it.

So for those versions of PostgreSQL the only way to know the
appropriate FSM pages is change FSM-restart postmaster-do vacuum cycle
until vacuum reports the same number of "total page needed"?

That's the only easy way I know of, but there is something that might make life easier if you're using autovacuum... take SELECT sum (relpages) FROM pg_class and multiply that by autovacuum_vacuum_scale_factor. If autovac is doing a reasonable job of keeping up, that should be a maximum of what you'd need in the FSM.

Hrm... what about adding output to vacuum verbose that indicates how many pages in a relation have free space? That would allow something like pgfouine to see how many FSM pages were needed. It would also make it easier to identify relations that could stand a vacuum full/ reindex/cluster (though you'd also want to know something like average free space per page).
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