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Greg Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Sep 2007, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Also, I spent a dreary two or three hours this afternoon examining the
>> CVS commit logs since 8.3 branched...I tried to post that info to
>> pgsql-docs but it broke the list's message size limits (even gzipped,
>> it's about 90K).

Bruce you mentioned in a post earlier this week that you were going to
jump back on the release notes. Earlier last week, I said I would jump
on them as did Greg.

Greg went through the effort to do the below... shall we use it together?

Joshua D. Drake

> I just dumped a copy of Tom's file on my personal page and posted a much
> slimmed down version that's missing the names of the files touched onto
> the wiki at http://developer.postgresql.org/index.php/8.3_Changelog
> (with a pointer to the full text in case anyone needs to dig back into
> the details to figure out what a commit touched).
> There was already an outline for building the release notes into at
> http://developer.postgresql.org/index.php/8.3release
> What I was thinking might be a useful way for multiple people to hack
> away at this problem is to start fleshing out the standard release note
> one-line summaries onto the one page, then delete the relevant commits
> from the other.  When the changelog page is empty, then everything is
> documented.
> I didn't actually start doing this though as I didn't want to dump any
> more time into a process that may not actually be used.
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