dllwrap -o libecpg.dll --dllname libecpg.dll --def libecpgdll.def execute.o typename.o descriptor.o data.o error.o prepare.o memory.o connect.o misc.o path.o strlcpy.o snprintf.o -L../pgtypeslib -L../../../../src/interfaces/libpq -L../../../../src/port -L/mingw/lib -lpgtypes -lpq -lm -lshfolder path.o(.text+0x741): In function `get_progname':
 undefined reference to `pg_strcasecmp'
c:\MinGW\bin\dllwrap.exe: c:\MinGW\bin\gcc exited with status 1

I presume that this symbol was previously exported by the pgtypes lib but now 
we have an explicit exports list is no longer.

Is it just a matter of adding a line to the exports.txt file?



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