On Thursday 04 October 2007 11:52, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello
> I am working on subj. There are two variants:
> a) simple C wrapper which can be SQL compatible .. with this wrapper
> we don't need any changes in dump files .. but I thinking it's
> impossible, because there are conflicts between functio'n names and
> table's names.

the new built in stuff should all be in pg_catalog schema, and the old stuff 
in public schema, so in theory it would work... example of conflict?

> b) simple SQL wrapper -> it need modification of dump file :(, but it
> can work (probably doesn't needs modify of application).
> I started work on variant b)
> http://www.pgsql.cz/index.php/Tsearch2_wrapper
> plpgsql procedures I'll rewrite to C later.
> Now I thing, so compatibility is broken, but we can simplify port to
> 8.3 with some small wrapper like my wrapper.

thank goodness I've switched to putting tsearch in it's own schema, so I can 
easily seperate it with pg_dump.  

Robert Treat
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