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> > Yeh, it does, but you're forgetting that my original complaint was that
> > you couldn't use it in an ANY clause, which 4.2 does not exclude.
> > Bearing in mind you can use a scalar subquery in lots of places, I
> > thought it worth reporting.
> Well, but I'd argue that we're now talking about separate issues.

It's simpler than that. I asked a question because the manual isn't
specific on my original point. I'll do a doc patch to make sure nobody
makes the same mistake I did and we record all the good points people
have made.

> > Section 9.20.3 mentions ANY (array expression). The term "array
> > expression" is not defined nor is there a link to where it is defined,
> > nor is the term indexed.
> I'm not sure why we're using a separate term for that.

The term "array expression" is used in the manual, but not defined.

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