I'm looking at the strange phenomenon....
C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3-beta1\bin>psql postgres postgres
Password for user postgres:
Welcome to psql 8.3beta1, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
      \h for help with SQL commands
      \? for help with psql commands
      \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
      \q to quit

postgres=# select *,oid from pg_catalog.pg_tablespace;
 spcname   | spcowner | spclocation | spcacl | oid
pg_default |       10 |             |        | 1663
pg_global  |       10 |             |        | 1664
(2 rows)

postgres=# SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_tablespace_size(1663));
13 MB
(1 row)

postgres=# SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_tablespace_size(1664));
ERROR:  permission denied for tablespace pg_global


Have I overlooked the present specification change?
or can someone suggest?

Hiroshi Saito

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