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> > The money data type has been deprecated for years. It is completely
> > non standard and essentially duplicative of numeric/decimal. What
> > is the point?
> It may be deprecated (maybe not) and it may have drawbacks but it is
> not a duplication of numeric or decimal.  While numeric/decimal may be
> faster for I/O, money is faster for doing large sums.  Depending on
> your needs it does have an advantage over numeric.

Fair enough..

However, keep in mind that I really don't care if Money is deprecated
or not. I do care that the docs say it is, and it may not be. :)

Joshua D. Drake

> That said, I wonder if there is another answer to this question.
> Perhaps the functions in cash.c can be pulled out and made into
> external functions that can be fed an int (long) and output the
> desired format.  That way we could use the existing int or long type
> but convert manually on I/O.  Let people choose whether they want the
> simplification of the money type or the standardization allowed by
> just using the functions.
> Just a thought.


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