Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2007-10-10 kell 07:44, kirjutas Magnus Hagander:
> > > > We allow /contrib to be more lax about beta changes.
> > > 
> > > the postgresql ecosystem is growing and there is a lot of people like
> > > packagers that will be a quite irritated if we keep randomly adding
> > > completely new code and modules during BETA.
> > 
> > Should packagers be concerned with /contrib at all ?
> Our users want it. Because we have important features that live there.

Sure, but some features are also moved from /contrib to pgfoundry, and
users still may want these too.

And sure there are features in contrib that "most" users don't want.

> > As noted before /contrib is a technical way of ensuring that something
> > gets updated together with core, not a recommendation to include it in a
> > "package".
> Then why did it get added there with the motivation that a lot of users will 
> want it?

I think that the main motivation was to ensure that a feature that a lot
of users will want will be "stable", that is, maintained together with
core postgres.

exposing stable xid and snapshot to userspace is something needed by
more than one postgres add-on (Slony1 replication, Skytools universal
queueing and replication) makes it much easier to develop these packages
without need to have an extra package to maintain separately from these,
yet in sync with core postgres.


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