Tom Lane wrote:
Andy Colson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I have an 8.2 database that has full text searching. I tried to backup/restore it to 8.3 but got lots of errors:
I didn't really expect it to totally work, but I'm not sure how to move my db.

Did the data transfer over?  The declarations of the former contrib
functions would of course fail, but type tsvector is still there.
I would like to think that ignoring pg_restore's whining would get
you most of the way there.

(As noted in the beta release notes, somebody really really needs to
write a migration guide for existing tsearch2 users.)

                        regards, tom lane

Ahh.. Ya know, I didn't even look. I saw all the errors and just stopped it.

So I tried again: The long answer is no, the table with the tsvector did not get created, and thus, not copied:

pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: type "tsvector" is only a shell
LINE 11:     vectors tsvector
    Command was: CREATE TABLE times (
    rowid integer NOT NULL,
    empid integer NOT NULL,
    idate timestamp without time zone,
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR: relation "public.times" does not exist
    Command was: ALTER TABLE public.times OWNER TO andy;

In the backup script, the tsvector stuff is recreated, I assume that's why:

CREATE TYPE tsquery (
    INTERNALLENGTH = variable,
    INPUT = tsquery_in,
    OUTPUT = tsquery_out,
    ALIGNMENT = int4,
    STORAGE = plain

ALTER TYPE public.tsquery OWNER TO andy;

-- Name: tsvector; Type: SHELL TYPE; Schema: public; Owner: andy

CREATE TYPE tsvector;

-- Name: tsvector_in(cstring); Type: FUNCTION; Schema: public; Owner: andy

CREATE FUNCTION tsvector_in(cstring) RETURNS tsvector
    AS '$libdir/tsearch2', 'tsvector_in'

The rest of the tables, however, did get created/copied ok.


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