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> Greetings:
> I am interested in increasing the PostgreSQL TransactionID, as part  
> of testing a (yet another) replication system that I am working on.  
> (http://bruce.codehaus.org/ for the interested). I would like to
> test what happens when the transactionID crosses 2^31 and when it
> wraps around at 2^32-1. Other than running "select now()" 2^31 times,
> is there a practical way to raise the transactionID by large amounts?
> I need to test against Pg 8.1.X and 8.2.X, and probably 8.3 while Im  
> at it.

Well without significant changes, my guess is what will happen is
postgresql will shut itself down and make you vacuum :)

Joshua D. Drake

> Many thanks in advance.....Bob.


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