There's a IMO a problem with pg_restore, it should be easy to fix (I hope - and I could try to fix it and send a patch).
* I've a dump taken from a 8.1 database
* I'm using gist and ltree
* I'm restoring to a 8.2 database

I cannot use "-1" for performance, because some gist stuff has changed and the restore fails. But there seems to be no option for pg_restore to use transactions for data restore, so it's very very slow (one million records, each obviously in it's own transaction - because a separate session "select count(1) from logins" shows a growing number).

It would be nice to use transactions for the data stuff itself, but not for schema changes or functions. I know I can use separate pg_restore runs for schema and data, but it's complicated IMHO.

I see several options:
* Use transactions for data, maybe with a separate command line option
* Use transactions everytime, and place savepoints to recover from errors?

Any ideas what I could do?


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