"Gregory Stark" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Something very strange is going on on my machine with UTF8:
> postgres=# show server_encoding;
>  server_encoding 
> -----------------
>  UTF8
> (1 row)

Hm. Well this doesn't look right:

(gdb) p pg_wchar_table[PG_UTF8]
$9 = {mb2wchar_with_len = 0x8364cff <pg_mule2wchar_with_len>, 
  mblen = 0x8364eda <pg_mule_mblen>, dsplen = 0x8364f60 <pg_mule_dsplen>, 
  mbverify = 0x83655cd <pg_mule_verifier>, maxmblen = 4}

This looks like version skew around the file that Tom recently whacked around
to restore binary compatibility with 8.2. But I can't see how -- I don't have
any old header files in /usr/include or anything like that so I can't see how
I could have picked up an out-of-date header file.

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