Um, It seems that it only passed the strict check of chklocale.c. Probably, It may enable mistaken selection...However, I will clarify a problem by the test.

Hiroshi Saito

From: "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Tom Lane wrote:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Magnus Hagander) writes:
Re-allow UTF8 encodings on win32. Since UTF8 is converted to UTF16 before being used, all (valid) locales will work for this.

So where do we stand on the Windows locale/encoding business --- are
we happy with the behavior now, or does it still need work?

I think we're good. But I'd like to hear some verification from somebody
else. Specifically, I'd like to hear a signoff from someone who can
actually do "real tests" on a locale that's not US and not Swedish.
Also, I'd like to hear from the Japanese people (Hiroshi? Can you do
this?) that we didn't break it for them. I don't think we did, but I
want to be sure :)

Hiroshi, and whomever else can help to test, this is only testing the
backend, not the installer. The installer may need a few minor tweaks
still once the backend is considered fixed. And what needs to be tested
is CVS HEAD as of today.


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