this proposal change older unaccepted proposal
http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2006-03/msg01157.php .

* based on prepared statements
* syntax and behave is near to Oracle
* usable as protection from SQL injection

New syntax:

a) EXECUTE stringexpr
      [INTO [STRICT] varlist
      [USING exprlist]

b) FOR varlist IN EXECUTE stringexpr USING exprlist LOOP ....

* defence from SQL injection
* more readable, shorter, more comfortable

Sample (secure dynamic statement):
                 'SELECT * FROM ' ||
                  CASE tblname
                             WHEN 'tab1' THEN 'tab1'
                             WHEN 'tab2' THEN 'tab2'
                             ELSE '"some is wrong"' END ||
                  ' WHERE c1 = $1 AND c2 = $2'
   USING unsecure_parameter1, unsecure_parameter2;

Difference between PL/SQL and proposal:
* allow only IN variables
* use PostgreSQL placeholders notation - "$"n instead ":"n

Compliance with PL/SQL
* You can use numeric, character, and string literals as bind arguments
* You cannot use bind arguments to pass the names of schema objects to
a dynamic SQL statement.

Best regards

Pavel Stehule

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