Hi All, 

The ls and rls commands are used to list files and directories in the 
repository, but we should be logged in to the repository for getting the 
listing of the same.

I use the command "cvs login" to connect to the repository but instead of 
connecting to the local repository it is connecting to the postgreSQL 
repository, but when I specify the command ->

cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/u01/Installs/cvsrepository/cvsroot login

where /u01/Installs/cvsrepository/cvsroot is the repository path, root is the 
username and inblr-kuriakcc.eu.uis.unisys.com is the hostname it is asking for 
the password, now I am not sure what is the password, can anyone please tell me 
the method to change the CVS password, so that I can change the password and 
get connected to the local repository.

Thanks in Advance

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