Tom Lane wrote:
Anyway, the picture that's starting to emerge for me is that we
should repurpose contrib/tsearch2 as a repository for scripts
and documentation to help people migrate from previous use of
tsearch2 to use of the new core facilities; and for people who
want to try to *not* migrate, but keep using the old API,
a compatibility module on pgfoundry seems to make sense.


Also, something that's not been addressed at all yet, AFAICS,
is providing a way to migrate an existing tsearch2 *configuration*
(as opposed to data or application code).  I'm not sure there can
be any automatic way to do that, but at the very least we need
some documentation about what corresponds to what.

I'm afraid the defaults have "just worked" for me, so I never played with any of the config stuff (old or new)... I don't know if I'll be of any help here.


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