Tom Lane wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bruce Momjian) writes:
> > Consistently indent release notes for prior releases.
> Bruce, if you don't revert that patch I will do it for you.  Random
> changes to the release.sgml sections for old releases are an utter
> nightmare when it comes time to produce back-branch updates.

The problem is that we use those back branches as templates for new
minor releases.  I could have just done 8.2.X but I figured I should be

I am not sure why it affects back branch updates.  The way I create back
branches is to modify release.sgml in HEAD and then copy that file to
the back branches, and cutt off the top part of release.sgml for the
appropriate branch.

Also I also don't understand why you are threatening to revert it before
even complaining about it to me.

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