Bruce Momjian wrote:
We have had very few beta1 issues.  I am thinking we should release
beta2 next week and perhaps accelerate beta and consider a final release
in November rather than December.  Because of the length of our feature
freeze it is possible we are not going to have as many beta bugs.

Unfortunately, I think that's because people haven't been testing. At my keynote at the PostgreSQL Fall Conference yesterday, I asked the audience of 63 people how many had built 8.3 beta and tried to run something on it ... 3. And these are our enthusiasts.

For me, I ran into a CC compile issues on Solaris (diagnosing now) and haven't got much further on testing it there, although Jignesh is already into performance testing. Worked fine for demo purposes on OSX.4, though, and I was able to import some old databases (Staffos, TPCE) without unexpected issues.

Of course I would like to do a short beta, but I think we need to harass people to test more.


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