On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

Sort of a filthy hack, but what about always having an _extra_
segment around?  The bgwriter could do that, no?

Now it could. The bgwriter in <=8.2 stops executing when there's a checkpoint going on, and needing more WAL segments because a checkpoint is taking too long is one of the major failure cases where proactively creating additional segments would be most helpful.

The 8.3 bgwriter keeps running even during checkpoints, so it's feasible to add such a feature now. But that only became true well into the 8.3 feature freeze, after some changes Heikki made just before the "load distributed checkpoint" patch was commited. Before that, it was hard to implement this feature; afterwards, it was too late to fit the change into the 8.3 release. Should be easy enough to add to 8.4 one day.

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