Merlin, Pavel,

> Mutable session variables would be nice, but I'll take a plpgsql
> langauge (or psm) with or without them, so long as transactions are
> manual.  It's possible to emulate variables using scalar functions
> with the desired volatility currently (but you still have to be
> careful with transactions).

The other big useful feature we're missing from Functions is multisets.  
Not only would they be generally useful for SP programming, but multisets 
would eliminate one of the big hurdles in re-writing T-SQL stored 
procedures in PG, and thus make it easier to port from SQL Server.  You 
don't hear a lot of demand for multisets on the mailing lists because 
we're not getting those SQL Server / Sybase crossovers now.

Of course, Pavel can implement one of these features at a time ...

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Lead
Sun Microsystems
San Francisco

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