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> Hi,
>   I want to transfer data files to database(postgresql)
>   through Web,I am using java servlets for server-side
>   programming . 
>   When i transfer the data files  from users
>   directory on  database server machine i could do 
>   it successfully, the data is stored successfully in
>   database with absolutely no problem.
>   But when i transfer the datafile from users directory
>   of different machine(have different IP address connected
>   on same network) It gives error :: "file/users/file.dat" not 
>   found also gives postgresql Fastpath error

Can you give me some code examples as I'm not sure what's going on but it 
sounds like it's confused on where the file is coming from.

Also what is the error that Fastpath is returning?


>   i would be helpful if somebody can help me solve this.
>   JAVA -- JDK1.1.4
>   It is not possible to upgrade any of this resources.

Hmmm, may cause problems. You may need to copy over the 7.1 implementations of 
the org.postgresql.fastpath and org.postgresql.largeobject packages (removing 
the org. from every file ;-) ) and recompile jdbc. Can't guarantee that to 
work, but it may do.


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