> Located at: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/aw_pgsql_book/node192.html
> I wanted to use some code that I knew worked to overcome problems
> like I am having.

There is nothing wrong with the code, to run it you'll need lines similar

mstephen@sokoki:~$ export CLASSPATH=/home/mstephen/local/postgresql.jar:.
mstephen@sokoki:~$ javac sample.java
mstephen@sokoki:~$ java sample

If these simple steps are not working for you then something very strange
is going on.

If the code is compiling then it is not a postgres or jdbc problem, but a
problem with your VM, and I don't think this is the best place to find a

If it isn't compiling then get a new (as in, not broken, as opposed to
recent, there is no code in sample which should not work in any version
of the jdbc driver) postgres jar file and try again.

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