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> Hello,
> When I try to connect via JDBC to PostgreSQL I get the following error
> message:
> Error -- Something unusual has occured to cause the driver to fail.
> Please report this exception:
> java.sql.SQLException: No pg_hba.conf entry for host,
> user aaa, database bbb
> However, the only lines in pg_hba.conf that are not commented out are:
> local        all                                         trust
> host         all   trust
> host         all     trust

Hmmm, that should work...

> Isn't this strange? I tried this with both jdbc6.5-1.2.jar and
> jdbc7_0-1_2.jar from which runs Linux and from my WinNT
> 4.0 (sp6) machine and for different databases.
> I use PostgreSQL 6.5.2 and before you ask, yes postmaster runs with the
> -i option set.

If you missed -i out you would have got "Connection Refused" not this 
Exception. The postmaster is listening, but is refusing the connection for some 

Can you use psql or another interface from


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