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>I have an entity bean that uses a boolean for a field, and that boolean 
>maps to a bit field in the database.  Is this the proper field I should be 
>mapping to?  Under Sybase and MSSQL 7, there were no problems with sending 
>"true" or "false" through the bean - something took care of it and mapped 
>it properly.  Under Postgres 7.0.3, however, I consistently get this error:
>java.sql.SQLException: ERROR:  zpbit_in: f is not a valid bitstring
>I've traced it back, and found that it's taking the first letter of the 
>boolean value and trying to put that into the bit field instead of 
>changing it to a 1 or 0.  Any suggestions?

Ok, first what version are you using. Second what methods are you (or the 
bean container) using to set it.


>Thanks a bunch...
>Walt Skidmore

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