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>Peter Eisentraut wrote:
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> > Ingo Luetkebohle writes:
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> > > how good is concurrency supported in the JDBC driver? For example, if
> > > I have a small process with about 50 threads, some of them requesting
> > > large objects, will one JDBC connection suffice? If one thread is
> > > executing a large select which takes seconds to execute, will other
> > > threads be able to still get their results in time or do they have to
> > > wait?
> > >
> > > In general, are there concurrency limitations in the protocol
> > > PostgreSQL uses?
> >
> > See
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>Someone might want to add that different threads can't use the same
>connection if they are using transaction blocks.

Actually this is a common missconception with the JDBC spec. I don't know 
why they put the transaction stuff at the Connection level, but it means 
that any JDBC connection can only have one transaction.

Perhaps something along those lines, or:

You cannot use different threads while using transactions. If your 
application does a lot of queries but only a few updates, try to have the 
updates done in their own Connections, and use the Connection pool for the 


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