At 13:50 27/02/01 -0800, Peter T. Brown wrote:
>I am trying to use Castor ( It requires that I use JDBC
>(and specifically the postgresqldatasource class). I have downloaded the
>postgresql-7.1beta5 src. Whenever I try to build the postgresql.jar using
>ant I get:

>ava:24: cannot resolve symbol


>I have also tried to use the jdbc rpm for 7.1beta, but this does NOT include
>PostgresqlDataSource. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, or where I
>can find a jar containing everything I need??

Delete It's an old test class written by the author of 
PostgresqlDataSource and the xa package, and it doens't compile any more.

It's not needed. As I'm doing a commit tomorrow morning, I'll get rid of 
that file then.

PS: I've had reports of it working fine with JBoss, so I'll be interested 
to hear if it works with other systems as well.


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